Can aquatic sports equipment be provided?2016-10-15T12:38:55+07:00

You can rent a two-person or three-person kayak for 15 Euros per day.

Can I dive?2016-10-15T15:20:17+07:00

The catamarans are ideal platforms for diving trips in remote areas. The acoustically insulated compressors fills empty air tanks quietly. We have plenty of room for your diving equipment, and we can also lease the equipment to you if you would like. We work with PADI diving instructors, who will then accompany or lead you on every diving expedition.

Can we sail after sundown?2016-10-15T12:39:10+07:00

Our insurance does not allow us to sail after sundown, as this can be dangerous. We will drop anchor as soon as the sun sets, and set sail again in the morning.

What kind of electricity supply is there on board?2016-10-15T12:39:19+07:00

You can charge your electronics at 12V, 24V, 220V on board. All cabins are equipped with 220V sockets.

Can I be contacted during the sailing trip?2016-10-15T12:39:28+07:00

There is good cell phone coverage in most of the ports in Thailand, but long-distance calls can be expensive. We recommend that before embarking on your cruise, you give our office number to your important contacts. It can also be helpful to purchase a Thai Sim card (about 2 Euro), so that you can make calls within Thailand at a reasonable price.

There is no cell phone coverage in Burma and the Andaman Islands past Kawthaung or Port Blair.

Can we bring children?2016-10-15T12:39:35+07:00

The Amadeus is child-friendly, and its big, tidy deck and spacious cockpit is perfect for children.With very few exceptions, children feel very comfortable on board. The Amadeus also offers activities for children of all ages. They can play in the water and on the beach, go on kayak adventures, or help with the sails. Both of the swimming platforms allow easy access to the water.

For what kind of occasions is the catamarans best suited?2016-10-15T15:21:20+07:00

Along with individual cruises or Dream Vacations, we are happy to take reservations for:

  • Honeymoons and wedding trips
  • Family and friend reunions
  • Birthdays and Jubilees
  • Company and other award ceremonies
  • Team building and manager training events
  • Diving courses
  • Cooking courses
How do I reserve a catamaran, and how do I pay?2016-10-15T12:57:10+07:00

You can make a booking request right here on our Website. We will check to see whether the Amadeus is free during your specified time period, and we’ll confirm your booking. Then, when you are satisfied with the arrangements, you can send us a final booking confirmation by E-mail.

Then we will send you the bill: this includes 30% of the price, to be paid within 7 days of the date of invoice. Now your booking is secured. Please let us know when you are able to make the payment. We will confirm your payment as soon as the money arrives in our account. The rest of the fee is due 60 days before the start of the charter. If you book a charter less than 60 days before it is set to start, the entire fee is due upon booking it.

If the partial or complete payment is not received within the specified time period, we will take that as a cancellation on your part. If your payment comes in late, and the Amadeus has not been booked by anyone else in the meantime, your reservation is automatically re-instated.

Is it possible to book a one-way charter trip?2016-10-15T15:15:51+07:00

One way charter trips are a good way to save time and still visit beautiful tropical islands. Since we still have to take the Amadeus back to Phuket, and we cannot take other reservations during this time, the regular charter fees still apply. If you have time, it might be better to rent to ship for another day or two and come back to Phuket, so that you can enjoy a longer trip for the same cost.

Can I make changes to my reservation?2016-10-15T12:58:45+07:00

If the changes do not affect our scheduling, we will not charge you for making changes to your reservation. We will try to accommodate significant changes based on the circumstances.

How can I cancel my reservation?2016-10-15T12:59:32+07:00

Please send us your cancellation in writing, either by E-mail or by fax. The cancellation costs will depend on the date of receipt.

Since we will have reserved the Amadeus for you, and we will have had to turn down other customers, we must charge a cancellation fee that covers part of the charter fee.

  • 12 weeks or more before the start of the charter -> 30% of the total charter fee
  • 8 to 12 weeks before the start of the charter -> 50% of the total charter fee
  • 4 to 8 weeks before the start of the charter -> 80% of the total charter fee
  • less than 4 weeks before the start of the charter -> 100% of the total charter fee

We will then reimburse the rest of the sum to the account you indicate to us.
If you wish to cancel your reservation within 4 weeks of the start of the charter, you forfeit the entire charter fee.

Where can I register a complaint?2016-10-15T12:57:53+07:00

If you have any grievances, or even if you just want to give instructions, please speak directly to our skipper – or, if you have a bare boat charter, speak to your mechanic. The skipper or the mechanic will do their best to take care of the problem as quickly as possible, or find another solution. However, this can’t always be done for belated complaints, in which case we will not be liable for any claims.

Do I need insurance?2016-10-15T12:41:33+07:00

We recommend that you buy charter travel rescission insurance. Otherwise, we recommend that all our guests buy holiday insurance which fully covers all activities, including diving, snorkeling and swimming, which you intend to take part in.

Are the routes variable?2016-10-15T15:08:04+07:00

The suggested routes on this website are just suggestions. Weather conditions, your specific wishes, and other factors can all lead to changes in the route. Safety is always our number one priority aboard, so the Skipper always has the final say.

Is there any risk of material defects aboard?2016-10-15T12:41:58+07:00

Like all modern yachts, our catamarans have a number of machines and other equipment in board, which continue to function in the demanding maritime environment. Although the yachts are well-maintained, the risk of material or machine defects cannot be ruled out. If they do occur, we will take care of them as soon as possible. As long as any damage does not affect the quality of your cruise, there are no grounds for claims or disputes.

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