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Sailing Thailand - our Myanmar Island Tour Sailing Phang Nga Bay - Thailand Sailing Phuket, Thailand with the Cataleya

Myanmar Island Tour

Phang Nga Bay

Phuket's Southern Islands

Discover more than 900 tropical islands – only a few of them are inhabited, and until recently, they were completely inaccessible. Available only from November to April. Its characteristic “Hongs” (which translates as “rooms”) are actually tall, sandstone islands. Lagoons have formed inside collapsed caves at the center of the island, which can be reached by kayak or dinghy. Board the Amadeus Catamaran and enjoy 6 days and 5 nights on the islands to south of Phuket. You can snorkel, swim, relax, and treat yourself to the delicious cuisine. Enjoy a sailing cruise into the paradise.



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Welcome aboard the Amadeus, an 14.5-meter long and 7.5-meter wide sailing catamaran for your once-in-a-lifetime sailing experience in Thailand.

The ship was designed and built in 2013. Your sailing tour in Thailand, will be a unforgettable experience.
Due to the special design of the catamaran, it is also very smooth in strong waves in the water, so guests with sensitive stomachs can enjoysailing in Thailand on board the Amadeus.

The yacht boasts generously sized luxury cabins, each with a double bed and an additional single bed, as well as three very roomy double cabins. Every
cabin is fitted with air conditioning, a shower, wash basin, and an electric toilet.
The living room is exceptionally spacious for a Catamaran. You can sit at the bar for an aperitif and watch as Chern, our chef, prepares a delicious,
traditional “Tom Yum Gung.” Across from the kitchen, you can get comfortable in the cozy seating area.
However, the best spot on the ship is definitely the “terrace.” The two large tables can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people.

Experience the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia with the Amadeus… You will never forget your sailing tour in Thailand.